About Us

Our Vision

To Become Africa’s top pageant promoting Kenya’s Tourism and Enhancing her cultural diversity and heritage

Our Mission

To bring people together in celebration of our Heritage and diversity by encouraging, advocating and lobbying stakeholders in the conservation of  our flora, fauna and cultural diversity

Our Main Objective

To Create Tourism ambassadors who will champion the uniqueness of the respective counties and by extension the country at large

Our other objectives are to:

1.Create a national platform for marketing the country through promotion of  Domestic, Regional and international Tourism.

2.Create a platform which will offer Kenyans an opportunity to have an annual  extravaganza to promote Tourism  through  celebration of  our  rich cultural diversity in Food, Dance, Dress and Talent.

3.Create a platform for the counties to exchange ideas and educate the Communities on the importance of Wildlife  and how to deal with human wildlife conflict

4.Promote and enhance integration and cohesion of all the Kenyan communities.

5.Encourage and promote good Environmental practices

6.Create Employment opportunities and talent development